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Welcome to The Good Guys Promotional Products, the home of "Anything With Your Name"(TM) and Bentley Roger Rogers, CSGD (Chief Snooper of Great Deals).  PLEASE USE THIS WEBSITE as an IDEA GENERATOR and contact us for information on the items.  With over One Million items, whether it's a promotional item, wearable, banner or any advertising specialty, we can provide "Anything" with your name or logo.  

Our client list is extensive.  From small businesses to large corporations, govermental or privately held, FOR PROFIT or non-profit, our clients come in all forms.  As a result of our pricing policies and customer service, they continue to come to us time after time for the products or marketing ideas they are looking for.

Did I say "Anything With Your Name"?

We have a client that requested his business icon to be made as a "blimp".  Sure enough he received his 30' "blimp" in the shape and colors of his icon.  And of course it has his name on it.

We have a client, that has a gorilla icon as their mascot, that wanted a custom 25' inflatable gorilla.  That one was easy.  The client received their completely custom inflatable, custom colored, and since the client is a hardware store, the gorilla had a custom hard hat and tool belt.

We are able to serve you quickly and efficiently. Our home office is in Shreveport, LA.  We also serve the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, San Diego and Orange Counties, CA, and New York City.  Feel free to call us in Shreveport at (318) 773-3419, or simply send us an e-mail to



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